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For us at Okuma Fishing Tackle, fishing is a life-long adventure. Collectively, none of us fish as often, catch as many, or are as consistently successful as we would like, and thankfully so. Fishing is not a destination; it's an endless pursuit that begins long before we ever get to the water. The anticipation of the next opportunity is as valuable as the time spent on the water. Check out the Okuma Website to learn all about their products and services.

LOWRANCE has been a leader in marine electronics since it invented the first consumer sonar device in 1957 -- The Little Green Box. In the years since, Lowrance has never wavered from its purpose to push the envelope of innovative performance to help anglers find and catch more fish. Check out the Lowrance Website to learn all about their products and services.

NAVIONICS offers a number of technically advanced navigation and charting products for mariners and anglers. Check out the Navionics Website to learn all about their products and services.

DRIFTMASTER leads the way in rod holder design. Years of rigorous testing on the water and continuing refinement have made Driftmaster rod holders the standard of the industry. Driftmaster popularity is based on their reputation for excellence in quality, dependability, and service, with models available for all fishing situations. Check out the Driftmaster Website for more information.


The Hydro Glow Fish Lights patented design utilizes the green light technology for improving your fishing activities during the night time hours. The light is designed to vertically submerge with only the top 3 to 5 inches of the light above the water level. This insures the entire illumination of the light is in the water where to fish are, not the bugs!!.
Visit Hydroglow's Website for more information.

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